About Us

        My names is Jacques, I am the founder and owner of Log Cabin Coffee. Since I was 13 I saw my dad drink coffee from the same old plastic jug he made every morning in his old percolator. I would drink it with tons of milk and sugar and wonder how he could ever stomach the stuff without any. Then I met my current girlfriend at 18, and she introduced me to her favorite specialty coffee shop. In the interest of being masculine I ordered one cappuccino, no sugar. My mind was blown, it was outstanding. It lacked the bitterness or burnt taste I just associated to all coffee. I then spent years learning everything about making coffee, the science behind it, where the coffee comes from, and how its cultivated. Learning about where the coffee is grown and the processes behind it gave me an appreciation for the outdoors. I enjoy drinking my coffee outside and taking the time to relax and meditate. After some consideration at my boring factory job I became interested in being an entrepreneur, so I started Log Cabin Coffee.

        Log Cabin Coffee connects my love of coffee, people, and the environment. It is certain coffee production has a large impact on our ecosystems, especially deforestation. This is not something we ignore. Instead, we look to help offset our footprint on the environment in our beloved coffee countries by helping to fund the planting of trees, so your perfect cup can taste that much better. 

        However, none of this would be possible without outstanding beans. Every single bag of our coffee freshly roasted to order. As soon as you place your order, our roasting process starts and then your coffee is bagged and shipped directly to your doorstep. That means your coffee is arriving at the peak of freshness, ready to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

That is how we not only help you, but the environment as well.